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What we offer and how we help

Whether you’re moving across Canada or around the world, this is an important decision that will shape your unique story and culinary journey.

Our purpose is to help the next generation of chefs lead rewarding careers and realize their full potential. We have worked with over 2,500 talented new chefs to find opportunities that built their foundations, expanded their scope, and even provided career-shaping adventures.

We get to know you to ensure you are matched to the right opportunity for your personal and professional development. We will explore your career goals, expectations, and your motivation for discovering new cultures and ingredients. 

We know our chefs and their establishments well, so you don’t have to guess and just hope that an opportunity is a good fit for what you want. We make sure that it is a mutually solid match.

Immigration Services

How to prepare the paperwork, what steps to take, and even what to say in the immigration interview can be complex and seem overwhelming. We take care of all this by matching you with one of our local immigration experts to find the best solution for you to work in Canada. Our professionals process your work permit applications and guide you through every step so you can relax and focus on your new adventure and relocation.  

Firsthand Relocation Experience

Moving to a new country is exciting but there are many unknowns and lots to learn. We are experts on finding your potential new home plus we know what you need to know as former expats ourselves.  The founder of Homard Bleu Talent lived and worked abroad in multiple countries for over 20 years and knows firsthand the challenges that come with moving and working in a foreign country. He has also helped over 2,500 young professionals find international work placements. His extensive experience and shared insights will guide your successful transition to a new location, new employer and a new linguistic and cultural environment.

Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll gladly discuss how we can help you come to Canada and find a great career opportunity in a top Canadian establishment. 

Top reasons for joining Canada’s culinary industry

There has never been a better time to pursue a culinary career in Canada.

1. Canada’s emerging culinary landscape.

The Canadian culinary world is continually expanding and evolving. A new breed of Canadian chefs is revisiting traditional recipes with increasingly creative and sophisticated techniques that give a second life to ingredients that abound across the Canadian landscape. Plus Canada’s celebrated immigration of ethnicities from around the world has created a palate for diverse cultural influences and creative fusions.

2. Amazing ingredients!

From the Atlantic, to the Pacific, to the Arctic coastline (and everywhere in-between) small scale Canadian farmers, fisheries and ranchers are embracing refined, sustainable farming techniques and wild caught and ethically raised proteins. If you think Canadian cuisine is all about maple syrup and poutine, then think again!

3. A broad scope of career opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to join a bustling downtown restaurant, an exclusive wilderness resort in a spectacular setting or a prestigious international hotel property, Homard Bleu Talent has a career opportunity that will be perfect for your career and your lifestyle.

4. Quality of life and endless recreational opportunities.

It’s no secret – Canada consistently ranks as one of the world’s top countries for quality of life. We enjoy getting outside just as much as we love gathering friends around a table to savour local specialities, regional wines and craft beers. We believe that life is about equal measures of work and play.