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What fees will I need to pay for finding work in Canada?

First, Homard Bleu Talent will not charge you any fees for services for finding you the right job in Canada. However, you will be required to pay fees associated with your work permit and visa. These fees will vary depending on the permit you will need as there are different permits with slightly different fees. Our immigration experts will guide you through this process, advise you of the best solution and take care of all the details for you.

Will accommodation be provided?

Depending on your employer, location and length of contract, some employers will provide accommodation. Others may provide short term accommodation until you get established. Rest assured, we will make sure you have a place to stay before you leave your home so that you can look forward to coming to Canada.

Will I need insurance?

By law, Canadian employers are required to provide you with Workers Compensation Insurance which protects you for accidents which can occur while working. Otherwise, you will need to have travel insurance before arriving as this is a requirement for entering the country for work purposes. Again, our immigration experts can provide you with more details regarding such matters.

How much will I be paid?

Depending on location and position, each employer provides different compensation packages which may include meals, accommodation and many other benefits in addition to your salary. We’ll know these details once we have determined your ideal job and location.

How long can I work in Canada?

Your duration of employment mostly depends on your work permit eligibility and the job offer itself. Typically, this can vary between 6 months to 2 years.

Where will I work?

Your work location and employer are determined by how well you meet specific job requirements and your personal and professional interests for coming to Canada. Homard Bleu Talent works with many different employers in various locations. These range from exclusive wilderness resorts in spectacular locations to city centre establishments.

What happens if I’m not happy at my place of work?

We know that starting a new job in a foreign country can be challenging. To ensure everything goes well, Homard Bleu Talent is very thorough to make sure there’s a right fit between you and your employer before you accept a job offer. This includes knowing the details of the employer’s onboarding program and an integration period once you begin work. We also keep in close contact during the early weeks of your employment to ensure any potential problem is quickly identified and dealt with before it becomes a major issue. While discontentment at work can occur, early communication and transparency resolves most problems and provides everyone a greater understanding and appreciation of how best to work together.


What are the fees associated with Homard Bleu Talent?

Our fees will vary according to the assignment: the position(s) for which you’re recruiting, location, total compensation package and onboarding program are all important factors to attract talent in an increasingly competitive labour market. We work closely with you to ensure these details are aligned for you to recruit the best candidates within your budget.

What are the fees associated with Ecole Ducasse Master Class Programs?

Every program is customized to your specific needs so, understandably, fees will vary accordingly. There are no costs associated with a discovery session to explore program options that will help you reach your specified goals within your budget. Needless to say, Ecole Ducasse is a hallmark of the highest distinction with long-lasting value and benefits for all those involved.

Where do candidates come from?

Homard Bleu Talent’s network spans the globe. While we focus on those countries with which Canada maintains reciprocal agreements for entry to mid-level cooks, we also provide recruitment solutions for CDPs, Sous-Chefs and Executive Chefs that can extend beyond those boundaries. Our immigration experts can also contribute towards finding the right solution to your recruitment needs.

Do we need to provide accommodation?

By the time your new recruit(s) arrives, we’re confident you’ll want to extend the same Canadian hospitality as you would to a friend or a valued business associate. While we’re not an accommodation search firm, we can help in this area too. Remember, providing short-term accommodation in close proximity to their place of work will go a long way to providing a warm welcome and should be part of your onboarding program. Contact us for other ideas to ensure their arrival is memorable and adds value to your brand and culture.